Developed by J.R. Jamison on behalf of Kelsey Timmerman

Part VI My Life: Product of USA

Chapter 17:  Food as Faith

  1. What prompted the slow food movement?
  2. How has this movement impacted the way we view food in the U.S.?
  3. How are Amish farming practices similar to West African practices?
  4. Steve claims that eating organic has made him and his family faster.  What are benefits of eating organic and local?
  5. Being part of the organic movement is seen as a change of lifestyle.  How does something as small as not spraying your lawn for weeds help farmers and our environment?


Chapter 18:  Farmers No More

  1. How has the American ideal of a perfect tomato changed tomato production?
  2. How have new technologies changes the lives of migrant workers?
  3. How did the corn and ethanol boom change American agriculture?


Chapter 19:  Imagined Futures

  1. One in 88 children is autistic.  Do you feel this has to do with our diets?
  2. What about our diets have impacted this statistic?
  3. What about our diets could change this statistic?


Chapter 20:  Decisions about Man and Land

  1. Fair Trade is part of the solution.  What are other ways you can make smart decisions about “man and land?”
  2. What have been the implications of the USDA’s country of origin on food in your local community?
  3. How accessible is organic food in your community?
  4. How accessible is Fair Trade, Fair Trade Certified, or Fair for Life in your community?
  5. Compare the country of origins food from EATING with the food in your house.  What surprises you?  Do you know where you are eating?

 Part IV My Life: Product of USA    

Write a 500 word free write on your reflections from Part V of WHERE AM I EATING? using the following statements as prompts.

  1. Slow food.
  2. Farmers’ Markets.
  3. Modified farming.
  4. Autism.
  5. Shop local; shop global.